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DIY publicity

In 30 years of shop-floor bookselling, I have seen bulbous reputations rise . . . and pop. Below the hum of the launch party lies... Read more

It's all good

Last week, I inadvertently caused something of a minor “Twitterstorm” when I grumbled about the uncritical nature of online book reviews. Not on Amazon and... Read more

Male writers favoured in broadsheet reviews, research finds

In a new research project, new books by men were found to receive 12% more broadsheet review coverage than those of their female counterparts. Read more

Targeting newspaper reviews is 'blinkered'

It is "incredibly blinkered" to only target traditional newspaper reviews for books, The Pool c.e.o. and co-founder Sam Baker has said. Speaking at The... Read more

Men 'most reviewed' in literary magazines

An annual study of the gender balance in reviewers and authors in major literary magazines has found that both are skewed heavily towards men. American... Read more

Rushdie’s Goodreads ratings go viral

Sir Salman Rushdie inadvertently revealed his opinion of various classic works of literature after reviewing books by authors such as Kingsley Amis, Henry James and... Read more

Books of the Year: Newspaper review round-up

Last year marked our first round up of the numerous “books of the year” features across the media. It saw a total of 660 books... Read more

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