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Lucy Worsley | 'I'm really lucky that the work I do is also my pleasure'

Lucy Worsley, the historian who wears many hats in more ways than one, reveals how her writing informs the day job—and vice versa.  ... Read more

Lucy Worsley's biography of Queen Victoria to Hodder

Hodder & Stoughton has commissioned Lucy Worsley to write a "major" new biography of Queen Victoria to celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth.... Read more

Queen Victoria story to be published

A story written Queen Victoria wrote at the age of 10 will this May appear in print for the first time. The Adventures of Alice... Read more

The Suspicions of D.E. Meredith

The Victorians invented crime-solving methods that are still used today. D.E. Meredith tracks down the 19th-century detectives Read more

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