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Out of the blue

The general election may feel like last week’s news, but the book trade is now facing what may be an unprecedented era of political interrogation—both... Read more

Election implications

With David Cameron capable of forming a government free of the need to negotiate red lines in darkened rooms, what are the likely implications for... Read more

Hong Kong’s trade eyes uncertain future

The recent imposition of a new National Security Law in Hong Kong was followed by a crackdown on libraries. There are now signs that it... Read more

General Election 2019: trade figures react to Tory victory

Publishing insiders have called for the trade "to get on the front foot" and "tirelessly" lobby Boris Johnson's new government, in the wake of last... Read more

Bodley Head acquires Kendi's antiracism guide

Bodley Head will publish a “game-changing” exploration of tackling racism, How To Be an Antiracist, by academic and writer Ibram X Kendi in August 2019.... Read more

Bloomsbury scoops Cashman's 'remarkable' memoir

Bloomsbury will publish the memoir of actor, campaigner and Labour peer Michael Cashman, One of Them. Read more

Wright replaces Hancock as culture secretary

Attorney General Jeremy Wright has replaced Matt Hancock as culture secretary in the cabinet reshuffle, following Jeremy Hunt’s promotion to foreign secretary.... Read more

Rachel Reeves MP inks women of Westminster book deal

I B Tauris has inked a second book deal from Labour MP Rachel Reeves, about the 100-year history of female MPs, to be published on... Read more

Updated Corbyn colouring book to be rush-released

Old Street Publishing is to rush-release an updated version of its 2015 hit The Corbyn Colouring Book, following last week's general election. Read more

Pullman blasts government over status of arts in schools

Author Philip Pullman has said the UK is run by “philistines and barbarians” as government plans appear to reduce the status of arts subjects in... Read more

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