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Picador lands short history of life on Earth

Picador has landed A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth by senior Nature editor Henry Gee.... Read more

Rian Hughes | 'I was very keen to write something where it is essential that the story be told in this interesting graphic fashion'

Rian Highes' first foray into fiction is an extraterrestrial romp, told through narrative graphic design Read more

Picador pre-empts book on 'next big climate crisis'

Picador has pre-empted an investigation into water stress, billed as "the next big climate crisis", by environmental journalist Tim Smedley. Read more

Picador scoops Great Flu novel by Donoghue

Picador has scooped the “intoxicating” new novel from Room writer Emma Donoghue, telling the story of nurses and doctors working on the medical front line of 1918's... Read more

Picador bags Hye-jin’s Korean bestseller

Picador has triumphed in a multi-publisher auction for Kim Hye-jin’s Korean bestseller Concerning My Daughter. Read more

Philip Gwyn Jones appointed Picador publisher after Baggaley departure

Pan Mac has appointed Philip Gwyn Jones as Picador’s new publisher following Paul Baggaley’s move to Bloomsbury. Read more

Picador signs Rachel Long’s debut poetry collection

Picador has snapped up Rachel Long’s debut poetry collection. Read more

Edward Platt discusses his travels through flooded Britain

Inspired by complacent attitutes towards global heating, Edward Platt’s latest book interweaves stories of those across the UK affected by flooding. Read more

Picador to publish memoir from John Connell

Picador is publishing The Running Book: A Journey through Memory, Landscape and History by Irish Book Award-winner John Connell. Read more

Jessie Buckley to narrate Millwood Hargrave’s The Mercies

Jessie Buckley, star of "Wild Rose" and "Chernobyl", will narrate the audiobook of Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s The Mercies (Picador).... Read more

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