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Barker's Iliad retelling optioned for film

Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls (Hamish Hamilton), has been taken up as an "ambitious" film project by the BBC and Element Pictures.... Read more

Rooney, Almond and Youngson make Costa 2018 shortlists

Irish novelist Sally Rooney, children's writer David Almond, and a 70-year-old debut writer, Anne Youngson, are among the 20 authors whose books have been shortlisted... Read more

Pat Barker | 'I didn’t read ‘The Iliad’ until I was more than adult'

Pat Barker’s latest novel may be set 4,000 years ago but there are plenty of parallels with modernity. Read more

Pat Barker to publish 'radical' retelling of the Iliad

Hamish Hamilton has acquired a new novel by Booker Prize winner Pat Barker retelling "one of the most dramatic sequences of events in literature", the Iliad.... Read more

Pat Barker's secrets and lies

Regeneration author Pat Barker on her new novel, Toby's Room, which returns to the battlefields of the First World War Read more

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