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Photographer in Nobel scandal jailed for rape

Photographer Jean-Claude Arnault,  the man at the centre of the sexual assault furore which has enveloped the Nobel Prize in Literature, has been convicted... Read more

Photographer at centre of Nobel Prize row charged with rape

Jean-Claude Arnault, the French photographer at the centre of the sexual assault allegations which have led to the postponement of this year’s Nobel Prize in... Read more

Swedish Academy postpones 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature

The Swedish Academy which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature has confirmed that it plans to postpone this year's award following the sexual assault scandal which... Read more

'Crisis' at Swedish Academy jeopardises 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Literature may not be awarded this year, following the sexual assault scandal that has rocked the Swedish Academy which governs the prize.... Read more

Alexievich wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich, 67, has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The chair of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, said her polyphonic writings were "a monument to suffering... Read more

Three from Nobel winner Modiano to MacLehose Press

MacLehose Press has acquired three novels by this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature winner Patrick Modiano, as well as three novels by two other... Read more

Gallimard speaks on Modiano's Nobel win

Antoine Gallimard, c.e.o. of Patrick Modiano’s publisher Editions Gallimard, was surprised that the author won the Nobel Prize in Literature yesterday and said he... Read more

French author Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel Prize

French novelist Patrick Modiano has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature. Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, announcing the win at... Read more

Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Haruki Murakami favoured for Nobel

Ahead of the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature winner at noon today (9th October), bookies are divided between backing Kenya's Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o... Read more

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