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In search of authenticity

Misha Glenny talks about bringing his novel on global crime to the small screen in his role as executive producer and script consultant. Read more

Glenny's Mafianomics to follow TV-adapted title

C+W has Mafianomics by journalist Misha Glenny out on submission, described as "funny, frightening, but above all, illuminating". Read more

Glenny's 'McMafia' inspires BBC drama

Misha Glenny's non-fiction study McMafia, published by Vintage, is to be "reworked" into a "major" BBC1 drama series, throwing open the doors of the complex world... Read more

Teens Who Topple Empires

Cyber crime expert Misha Glenny gave a riveting, eye-opening talk about the dark markets of the Internet at Cheltenham Read more

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