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Nadiya Hussain's cookbook goes to Michael Joseph

Nadiya Hussain’s next cookery book, Nadiya Bakes, will be published by Michael Joseph in July to coincide with her upcoming BBC series.  ... Read more

Meal Prep King strikes book deal with Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph has signed a two-book deal with Instagram star John Clark, also known as The Meal Prep King, after his weight loss story went... Read more

Helen Cullen's second novel goes to Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph will publish a "beautiful literary" second novel from Irish writer Helen Cullen in Spring 2020. Read more

Michael Joseph signs Jane Shemilt’s fourth novel

​Michael Joseph has landed Jane Shemilt's fourth novel, Little Friends.  Read more

Taylor sizes up Chapman's Another Life

Michael Joseph editorial director Jillian Taylor has acquired a story of "love, hope, and the extraordinary capacity of human beings to connect" in a "major... Read more

Maitlis' Airhead to become TV drama

"Newsnight" broadcaster Emily Maitlis' book Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News (Michael Joseph) will be adapted into a TV series to give viewers a glimpse of ... Read more

Michael Joseph sends Jojo Moyes book to every library

Michael Joseph is supplying a free copy of Jojo Moyes’ new novel to every library that wants one to mark the start of Libraries Week.... Read more

Michael Joseph snaps up 'mesmerising' memoir from GP

Michael Joseph has landed the "mesmerising" and "electrifying" medical memoir by GP Tom Templeton. Read more

Pictures of the week

David Mitchell reads from his new novel Utopia Avenue (Sceptre) in this week's pictures round-up, while BookTrust hosts a free event for aspiring writers and... Read more

Jojo Moyes | 'I have to write this, this is mine'

The novel following Jojo Moyes’ hit trilogy Me Before You saw the author living deep in rural Kentucky to research a group of women librarians... Read more

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