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Continue and persist

Philip Jones celebrates books leading the cultural conversation thanks to the defiant publication of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury. Read more

Here be giants

In a blog post responding to the merger of STM/Education businesses Macmillan Science & Education and Springer Science + Business Media, the respected analyst David... Read more

The odd uncouple

Can trade publishers develop consumer brands, and effectively market and sell their content direct? More importantly, can they do this without undermining what is for... Read more

Sarah Hilary | 'I wanted to capture that sense of divided loyalties'

Sarah Hilary’s first book after her Marnie Rome series is a standalone slice of modern Gothic Read more

Sally Phillips to narrate Alexandra Potter audio for Macmillan

Sally Phillips has recorded the audiobook edition of Alexandra Potter’s new novel Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up. Read more

New Macmillan c.e.o. lifts US entry-level pay to $42k

Macmillan is raising the entry-level salary of its US trade publishing staff to $42,000 (£33,000). Read more

Sargent to leave Macmillan US after 'disagreements on direction' of firm

John Sargent is leaving Macmillan US and its parent firm Holtzbrinck following “disagreements regarding the direction” of the publisher. Read more

Macmillan US sets up inclusive management team as Sargent steps back

Macmillan Publishing in the US is setting up a new 13-member committee to run the company, with c.e.o. John Sargent stepping back from day-to-day management... Read more

Macmillan drops controversial US e-book library policy

Macmillan has abandoned its controversial lending policy on e-books for US libraries in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Read more

US libraries boycott Macmillan over e-book policy change

A group of US libraries plan to boycott Macmillan over its controversial new e-book lending policy, suspending purchases of digital copies from the publisher.... Read more

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