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Pandora's Kindle

Philip Jones reflects on how the Kindle changed publishing. Read more

Amazon launches Arabic books on Kindle

Amazon has launched a selection of more than 12,000 Arabic language books on its Kindle store. Read more

Kindle: a decade of publishing's game-changer

Trade figures reflect on a decade of e-reading since the launch of the Kindle. Read more

Amazon's new Kindle app is 'inspired by books'

Amazon has launched a new Kindle app designed to encourage more people to read e-books on their mobile phones. Read more

Amazon launches first waterproof Kindle

Amazon has launched its first waterproof Kindle, the new Kindle Oasis, which will also have Audible built-in and feature a larger, seven-inch display. Read more

Leadbeater wins first UK Kindle Storyteller Award

David Leadbeater has won the inaugural £20k UK Kindle Storyteller Award for his self-published crime thriller The Relic Hunters. Read more

Amazon's Prime Reading comes to the UK

Amazon has launched Prime Reading in the UK for the first time. Read more

Amazon Kindle to close Write On author community

Amazon will close its Kindle Write On author community in March. Read more

Amazon launches writing competition to reinvent Twas Night Before Christmas

Amazon is launching a nationwide writing competition in search of a modern day version of popular poem "Twas Night Before Christmas". ... Read more

Steinem and le Carré feature in Amazon's new Singles Classics

Amazon.com has launched a Singles Classics range on Kindle featuring short stories and essays from writers such as John le Carré and Gloria Steinem.... Read more

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