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New YALC authors announced

Booktrust has announced the second round of authors appearing at this year’s Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC), including Darren Shan, Sally Green and Kevin Brooks.... Read more

Exclusive Interviews with the winners of the Carnegie & Kate GReenaway awards

The winners of this year's Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards have just been announced. Kevin Brooks has won the Carnegie for The Bunker Diary and... Read more

loving the alien

In his new novel about a 1970s punk band, Naked, Kevin Brooks delves into the world of the teenager - and finds it not such... Read more

Kevin Brooks: Mystery without answers

YA author Kevin Brooks talks to Caroline Horn about his upcoming books, Being and Black Rabbit Summer Read more

Plot comes first for teen writer

Kevin Brooks talks about his latest YA novel, Kissing in the Rain Read more

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