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W F Howes signs BAFTA-winning Poulter to voice new Lanchester novel

W F Howes has signed BAFTA-winning actor Will Poulter to voice The Wall, a new novel by John Lanchester.  Read more

John Lanchester | 'The issue about betrayal is who gets to define it'

John Lanchester’s new novel imagines a near-future world, recognisably ours, yet irredeemably broken. Read more

John Lanchester pens 'thrilling and hypnotic' next novel

Capital author John Lanchester has penned a "thrilling and hypnotic" new novel set for publication in January 2019. Read more

Biggest Liars in Literature

Author of The Liar's Daughter, Laurie Graham, exposes the biggest liars in 20th-century fiction Read more

A Capital Story

John Lanchester's latest offering, set on a single street in South London, encompasses the hopes, failures and fragilities of modern society Read more

John Lanchester | "We don't live in communities; our lives barely interact, barely intersect."

John Lanchester talks to Tom Tivnan about his latest novel, Capital Read more

John Lanchester on the city with vertigo

John Lanchester's third novel, Fragrant Harbour, is a portrait of Hong Kong, the place where he spent his childhood Read more

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