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China's 2017 book sales up nearly 15%

China's book market boom continued last year, with data monitoring service OpenBook putting the total printed book sales value for 2017 at Rmb80.3bn (£9.23bn), up... Read more

Walmart partners with Rakuten to broaden Kobo's US reach

Kobo's parent company Rakuten has struck a "strategic alliance" with Walmart which will see the e-book retailer broaden its customer base in the US.... Read more

Tokyo court suspends sales of far-right exposé

A bestseller linking Japan’s conservative government and prime minister Shinzo Abe with an ultra-right lobby group seeking Japan’s return to pre-war values and remilitarisation has... Read more

Publisher protests as Amazon Japan cuts back its KU offering

After underestimating the ferocity of Japan's manga fans, Amazon has made major adjustments to the contents of its Kindle Unlimited offer in the country, while... Read more

Amazon Japan offices raided by antitrust authorities

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has raided the offices of Amazon in Japan on suspicion of it pressuring retailers to offer products at lower prices than... Read more

AI short story gains traction with Japanese literary award

For the first time for a literary prize, a largely computer-written story has made it into the running, although it failed to make the final... Read more

Japan survey shows low e-book take-up

The latest poll on reading preferences in Japan has found that digital books have flopped spectacularly, with 94% of readers still preferring paper books. Read more

Manga fears over Trans-Pacific Partnership

Blatant derivatives of best-selling manga, hitherto tolerated by publishers in Japan, face extinction because of TPP rules, say fans and creators. Manga readers have taken... Read more

Curation hit for Japanese bookstore

With the digital revolution stalled or in retreat in Japan - paper books are still very much favoured over e-books - a bricks and mortar... Read more

Police raid Amazon’s headquarters in Japan

Police have raided Amazon’s headquarters in Tokyo following complaints about the wide availability of child pornography on its website. In a statement to The Bookseller,... Read more

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