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Rooney turns down Israeli publisher's bid over Palestine stance

Sally Rooney has turned down a bid from an Israeli publisher to release a Hebrew version of her most recent novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You, due to... Read more

HarperCollins pulps Middle East Atlas and apologises

HarperCollins is to pulp copies of an English-language atlas which omitted Israel. The Collins Middle East Atlas, created for the Middle East market, showed Jordan... Read more

HarperCollins omits Israel from Middle East atlases

HarperCollins is selling English-language atlases to schools in the Middle East which do not show Israel, it has been reported. The Catholic newspaper The... Read more

Company spotlight: S B Rights Agency

Going global is aim for Stephanie Barrouillet’s Israel-based start-up Relocating to Tel Aviv almost five years ago was the inspiration that Stephanie Barrouillet needed to... Read more

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