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'The shadow of Brexit reaches across the Irish Sea'

Maria Dickenson on how the health of the Irish trade can be maintained. Read more

London hauling

Philip Jones asks if London is exerting too strong an influence on publishing. Read more

Critic Eileen Battersby dies following car crash

The former Irish Times literary correspondent Eileen Battersby has died aged 60 following a car crash in County Meath.... Read more

'Wonderful' poet Matthew Sweeney dies

Irish poet Matthew Sweeney has died aged 65. Read more

Retail Spotlight: Hodges Figgis

The venerable Dublin bookseller, namedropped in Ulysses and a focal point for literary tourists thereafter, remains a stalwart of the books scene in the Irish... Read more

Fiction sales lead Ireland’s domestic market to recovery

Ireland’s Nielsen-measured market has enjoyed strong, UK-beating growth this year to date, with a grass-roots author campaign propelling the late Emma Hannigan to the top... Read more

Meditative non-fiction beats the celebs in Ireland

Sales of non-fiction in Ireland, and much of the nation’s publishing, has moved away from big-money celebrity and onto more authentic, enduring voices.  ... Read more

Daring approach pays for Maverick as title moves to the big screen

Roger Tagholm talks to the founder of Dublin's Maverick House, which has built a reputation for hard-hitting non-fiction. Read more

Irish book trade bullish after sales up 8.6% in 2018

Irish booksellers and publishers are feeling bullish about 2018 after seeing sales surge in the first few weeks of the year to date. Read more

Bookselling contributes €132m to Irish economy

Ireland would be much poorer without bookshops, which contribute a total of €132m to the economy, a new report has found. Read more

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