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LBF LATEST: fair cancelled as Big Five pull out

The London Book Fair has been cancelled owing to the coronavirus outbreak following a wave of cancellations from major publishers and agencies. Read more

Chronicling the past, and the future

As HarperCollins celebrates its 200th anniversary, archivist Dawn Sinclair delves into the HarperCollins archive. Read more

The Olympia way

Assessing the mood of the London Book Fair after just one full day of activity may be difficult, but then judging it at the end... Read more

2015: The shape of things to come

This time last year I wrote that we were just beginning to see the future shape of conglomerate publishing as the merger of Random... Read more

The odd uncouple

Can trade publishers develop consumer brands, and effectively market and sell their content direct? More importantly, can they do this without undermining what is for... Read more

HarperCollins snaps up Dom&Ink's Queer Power

HarperCollins has snapped up Queer Power!: A Celebration of Icons, Activists and Game Changers from Across the Rainbow by author and illustrator Dom&Ink.... Read more

HarperCollins falls for Rutter's adult debut

HarperCollins has acquired author, editor and podcaster Bethany Rutter's debut adult novel, Welcome to Your Life, in a two-book deal. Read more

HarperCollins donates 50,000 books to Covid-19 support projects

HarperCollins is donating 50,000 books to organisations supporting families during the Covid-19 crisis, including titles by Michael Morpurgo, Ant Middleton and David Walliams. Read more

HarperCollins global revenues up 23% as EBITDA soars

HarperCollins saw global revenues soar to $540m in the three months to 31st December 2020, up by 23% and $102m on the same period in 2019. Read more

Cornwell brings back Sharpe after 15 years

Bernard Cornwell is bringing back his famous Richard Sharpe character after 15 years' absence, for a new adventure with HarperCollins this autumn. Read more

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