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Gill Hornby moves to Century for new novel 'Miss Austen'

Gill Hornby is moving from Little, Brown to Century for her next novel, Miss Austen, about the relationship between Jane and Cassandra Austen.... Read more

Pictures of the week

Authors at book festivals in Guildford and Dulwich, plus a Roman soldier, feature in our pictures of the week. Read more

Gill Hornby: Creating a Buzz

Gill Hornby, sister of Nick, tells us about her first novel The Hive, which she descibes as 'Mean Girls for mums' Read more

Gill Hornby | “I want to do ‘Mean Girls’ for mothers because it is like this.”

Stacey Bartlett finds The Hive, Gill Hornby's début about the catty world of yummy mummies at the school gates to be an intelligent and wry read... Read more

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