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Levelling the field for books

Philip Jones considers the impact that EU finance ministers' decision to reduce VAT rates on digital books will have on publishers. Read more

E-book sales abate for Big Five

For those who predicted the death of the physical book and digital dominating the market by the end of this decade, the print and digital... Read more

A clause with claws

Can Amazon be allowed to contractually enforce arrangements that secure its hegemony? In 2011 the European Commission opened an investigation into e-book price-fixing... Read more

The academic epidemic

With the Booksellers Association’s Academic, Professional & Specialist conference on the horizon (11th–13th March), I wanted to take this opportunity to take stock of the... Read more

Surprise, surprise

Consultants and pundits, look away now. The book market is performing in almost exactly the wrong way. The big publishers are not gaining market share;... Read more

The noise and fury

Barely two weeks into 2015, and already the year is shaping up to be a humdinger. Booksellers are back! The print book... Read more

E-book Ranking: Crawdads swims into the top spot

Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing claimed the Publisher E-Book Ranking top spot for the week ending 25th April. Read more

Lockdown surge for library membership and e-book loans

A 205% surge in e-book library loans and extra investment in digital resources during the coronavirus crisis will have a long-term effect on public libraries,... Read more

Reading Tax scrapped seven months early

VAT on digital publications will be scrapped today (Friday 1st May) after Chancellor Rishi Sunak fast-tracked the plan, saying it would help readers and publishers during the... Read more

E-book and audio sales proving 'welcome ray of sunshine' for publishers

Publishers are seeing a surge in e-book and audio sales of up to 25% as readers escape the lockdown with feel-good fiction. Read more

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