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Oxford Languages debates challenges of 'sexist' terms in dictionaries

Oxford Languages has addressed the alleged “sexism” in its dictionary definitions and discussed the challenges of recording discriminatory meanings of words versus censorship as well as current trends... Read more

OUP investigates possible update to definition of 'woman'

Oxford University Press editors are investigating a possible update to its definition of "woman", after an online petition, which has almost 30,000 signatures, branded the definitions used... Read more

Why dictionaries still matter

The consultant lexicographer of the new Collins English dictionary tells us why he believes dictionaries are still crucial in the age of the search engine. ... Read more

'Photobomb' judged Collins' 'Word of the Year'

"Photobomb" has triumphed as Collins' "word of the year", as the publisher launches the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary. The word, which means... Read more

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