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Boris Johnson urged to support creative industries in open letter

Boris Johnson has been urged to support a second EU referendum rather than a no-deal Brexit in order to support the UK's creative industries and... Read more

Cameron 'to attack Gove' in upcoming memoir

Former prime minister David Cameron will launch a withering attack on his former colleague Michael Gove in his upcoming memoir, according to the Sunday Times.... Read more

Surprise, excitement and concern as trade digests election result

Many in the book trade have reacted with surprise and excitement to the shock General Election result, which saw the Conservatives fail to win a... Read more

Staying the course

The prospect of five years of majority Conservative government may have filled some with gloom, but for educational publishers at least, it signifies a certain... Read more

Book trade digests Tory win

The book trade is facing more library cuts and an uncertain future in Europe and at the department for Business, Industry and Skills, industry figures... Read more

Book trade turns red for Ed

The book trade has abandoned the Liberal Democrats in favour of Labour and the Green Party in the five years since the last election, according... Read more

Labour slams coalition's 'legacy of boarded-up libraries'

Labour has accused the Coalition Government failing in its duty to protect public libraries, saying its legacy would be "boarded-up libraries and fewer people opening... Read more

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