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This may not destroy you

In Michaela Coel’s excellent BBC TV series “I May Destroy You”, her character Arabella’s journey concludes in a bookshop with the launch of her self-published... Read more

A special place

Henry Hitchings introduces a collection of essays investigating the myriad pleasures, puzzles and possibilities of bookshops around the globe. Read more

Do bookshops have a shelf life?

Author Richard Watson looks at the future of bookshops. Read more

#CivilisedSaturday? Publishing beyond parody

Kings Road Publishing's Nick Coveney asks if Civilised Saturday a wise branding exercise. Read more

Bookshop events: no 'wow'

Mentioning no names, but aren't some bookshop events in London - and increasingly elsewhere - succumbing to the over-heated London price overdrive, leaving many of... Read more

Bookselling through turbulent times in Greece

Over the last years, bookselling in Athens felt like being in a gigantic waterslide with no end. You are sliding and sliding, claustrophobic and –... Read more

Advice to booksellers

Let's start with this: on the face of it there is not a lot for the author... Read more

One direction

It is ironic that in the week when we announce the regional shortlists and winners of The Bookseller Industry Awards’  Independent Bookshop of... Read more

Better together

In recent years the links between many local libraries and bookshops have weakened because of a reduction in resources and trained staff that many libraries... Read more

My first time

I have been a bookseller for almost 15 years, and have been indulging in conversations with colleagues about selling my own book for every single... Read more

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