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Bodley Head scoops Chigudu’s memoir in 12-way auction

The Bodley Head has won a 12-way auction for Simukai Chigudu’s "dramatic and moving" literary memoir. Read more

Bodley Head snares Green's 'ingenious' universe guide

The Bodley Head has signed a book from astrophysicist professor Lucie Green that provides "an ingenious new way of exploring the universe and revealing its invisible... Read more

Bodley Head snaps up Mitchell's foray into psychedelics

Neuroscientist and clinical psychologist Andrew Mitchell’s “panoramic view of the renewed interest in psychedelics” has been signed by The Bodley Head.  ... Read more

Bodley Head to publish 'unsparing' memoir of youth in Nazi Germany

The Bodley Head has acquired The Broken House, Horst Krüger's "astonishing" literary memoir of youth in Nazi Germany, never before published in the UK. ... Read more

Merlin Sheldrake | 'I feel like we're on the edge of a whole new realm of exploration and discovery'

In his first book, writer and biologist Merlin Sheldrake evokes the world of fungi in spellbinding detail. Read more

University of Michigan's Dur e Aziz Amna wins Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize

University of Michigan student Dur e Aziz Amna has won the seventh Bodley Head/Financial Times Essay Prize for ‘Your Tongue is Still Yours'.... Read more

Bodley Head pre-empts Ed Miliband's book on 'radical ideas to remake the country'

Bodley Head has secured Ed Miliband's first book following a swift pre-empt with the former Labour Party leader offering "radical ideas to remake the country", The... Read more

Bodley Head triumphs in three-way auction for McDowall's debut

Bodley Head has won a three-publisher auction for journalist and podcaster Julie McDowall's debut about the every-day impact of nuclear war in mid 20th century... Read more

Watts leaves Bodley Head for Nesta

Anna Sophia Watts has left her editor role at Bodley Head to join thinktank Nesta, with Lauren Howard joining as editorial assistant. Read more

Bodley Head praises 'rich time' for non-fiction

Five Bodley Head authors discussed their upcoming books at a dinner in London’s Balthazar, with publishing director Stuart Williams praising the “rich time” for non-fiction... Read more

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