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Full stream ahead

​Last week I wrote that the growth in the listening market risked leaving publishing behind, with two of the fastest growers, Spotify and Storytel, running... Read more

Give and take

This week Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos said he planned to take a step back at the giant e-commerce business. Read more

Prime position

This week, we kick off our annual Review of the Year features that look to analyse the performance of the market, including the books, authors... Read more

What price culture?

Indie bookseller Peter Donaldson illustrates how heavy publisher discounts for online and direct-to-consumer retailers undermine sales through high street shops. Read more

The least favoured

Philip Jones analyses Amazon's new e-book offer, what led to it and what it could mean for the future of the e-book market. Read more

Is the e-book reader about to stage a comeback?

"Is the e-book reader about to stage a comeback?" asks Philip Jones. Read more

The rhyme of the agency publisher

Does the agency model benefit publishers or Amazon? Read more

Let's wish the Amazon bookshop well

Bookshop owner Sue Lake argues that the new Amazon bookshop should be welcomed.   Read more

The birthday party

On the occasion of its 20th birthday, The Bookseller would like to wish Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos many happy returns. Amazon is a... Read more

A clause with claws

Can Amazon be allowed to contractually enforce arrangements that secure its hegemony? In 2011 the European Commission opened an investigation into e-book price-fixing... Read more

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