Shooting Star 2019

Laura Ricchetti, Pan Macmillan, Head of international sales, Europe & Middle East

With apologies for mixing celestial metaphors, this year’s Shooting Star Laura Ricchetti has had a meteoric rise, joining Pan Macmillan in a European sales role in 2016 from Hachette; she is now head of international sales for Europe and the Middle East at the tender age of 27. She oversees a territory worth £10m annually, including the key open markets of Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Israel. The challenge of international sales, she says, is “how quickly you can learn the intricacies of each market and forge the relationships with your customers”. 

A few highlights include “breaking out Lucinda Riley and establishing her as a top brand author across Europe”; “reacting quickly to the phenomenal demand for Fire and Fury [which Macmillan USA publishes] and setting up never-done-before print runs in Germany to enable us to supply European customers quickly”; and “growing and establishing the Macmillan Collector’s Library series in all of my territories, a challenge considering how crowded the classics market is”. She aims to stay in international sales, but long-term might like to work in other Anglophone territories: “I find the Australian, New Zealand and South African markets really exciting—obviously there are similarities to the UK, but with their own distinctiveness.” 

They say...
"I’ve never worked with anyone to match Laura’s genuine love of books and reading, infectious enthusiasm and shrewd commercial ability." - Jonathan Atkins, Pan Macmillan international director