My Job in 5: Rachel Kennedy, Publicity assistant, Ruth Killick Publicity

My Job in 5: Rachel Kennedy, Publicity assistant, Ruth Killick Publicity

Publicity assistant, Ruth Killick Publicity

How would you describe your role?

This is my first role in publishing. I am a publicity assistant at a freelance book PR agency, Ruth Killick Publicity. I assist the publicist with various PR activities such as writing press releases and email pitches; researching print, online and broadcast opportunities for authors; liaising with journalists and bloggers as well as other administrative tasks.

What do you like best about your role?

I really like the creativity that publicity requires: writing pitches and coming up with PR ideas. Thinking outside the box is really valued. I also love that I am given a large amount of responsibility. I feel incredibly nurtured and trusted by my colleagues.

What skills are useful for this role?

Good writing skills are essential; the ability to compose succinct and snappy press releases and pitches that capture the attention of busy journalists is the key to success. Being bold yet polite is important if you want to achieve the best results for your authors.

What new titles are you promoting at the moment?

We are promoting Vanessa Able's new travel book Never Mind the Bullocks, the madcap tale of her 10,000km road trip across India in the world's cheapest car. I am also working on Jacqueline Shaw's Fashion Africa, a gorgeous guide to contemporary African fashion by Jacaranda Books. A project on the horizon is Julian Ruck's new novel The Silver Songsters which is set in my local area in South Wales.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in the industry?

It will sound cliché but perseverance! I graduated in 2012 and have only recently gained full-time employment in the industry. It is very easy to get down on yourself about the failures, but remember that every no is a step towards a yes. You will get there eventually.