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Editors choice

I Live a Life Like Yours: A Memoir

by Jan Grue

First published in Norway, where it was hailed as a major milestone in non-fiction, this book is poised to re-write common misconceptions of disability, the body and desire. The author was prompted to write this memoir when he inherited a huge raft of his own childhood medical records, documents in which he could barely recognise himself. An insightful and beautiful memoir of disability.

Pushkin Press, £14.99, 4th November 2021, 9781782276555


by Will Smith

A memoir full of self-help lessons for readers from actor Smith. Co-written with Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Century, £20.00, 9th November 2021, 9781529124156

Down and Out in England and Italy

by Alberto Prunetti

In this "deeply personal and political story", Prunetti arrives in the UK as the twentysomething son of a Tuscan factory worker who has never left home before. With only broken English, his wits, and an obsession with the work of George Orwell to guide him, he sets about looking for a job and navigating his new home..

Scribe Publications, £12.99, 11th November 2021, 9781913348373

Higher Ground: A Mountain Guide's Life

by Martin Moran

One of Britain's most experienced mountaineers and guides, Moran died while on a pioneering expedition with seven other climbers in May 2019. His is a story of life-changing adventures and dramatic, often near-death experiences.

Sandstone Press Ltd, £11.99, 11th November 2021, 9781913207694

No Man's Land: Living Between Two Cultures

by Anne East

In another addition to 404 Ink's new pocket-sized Inklings series, East explores the chasm of being brought up British with no ties to her parental culture, yet not fitting the stereotypical appearance of an "ethnic" Briton. It is a book on acceptance and shining a light on the cultural vacuum that exists for many.

404 Ink, £7.50, 25th November 2021, 9781912489442

Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds

by Huma Abedin

In this "propulsive" memoir, Abedin (Hillary Clinton's top aide and long-time advisor) tells the story of growing up in the US and Saudi Arabia as the daughter of Indian and Pakistani parents, grappling with family, legacy, identity, faith, marriage, motherhood and work.

Simon & Schuster Ltd, £20.00, 2nd November 2021, 9781471172977
Editors choice

The Reactor: A Book about Grief and Repair

by Nick Blackburn

"How do you create an existence when all you can see is a void?" Of all the memoirs about grief that I've read, this is one of the most arresting. Taking in philosophy, music, fashion, psychology, art and film, Blackburn-a therapist who specialises in LGBTQ+ issues-expresses his feelings of loss at the death of his father through a series of extraordinary short pieces which spool to convey the convoluted, conflicting, tormenting, sometimes downright crazy thoughts that characterise the mourning of someone you love. Helen Macdonald, Ali Smith and Olivia Laing are firm fans too.

Faber & Faber, £12.99, 20th January 2022, 9780571367740
Ones to watch

One Party After Another: The Unruly Life of Nigel Farage

by Michael Crick

Having taken on the likes of Jeffrey Archer and Alex Ferguson, Crick-the former TV political correspondent and probing biographer-turns his attention to "arguably the most influential politician of the 21st century", in a bid to explain how Nigel Farage became such, given that he never once managed to get elected to parliament. Crick takes the reader into the heart of Farage's story, assessing his methods and uncovering "remarkable hidden details" to construct an "unmissable portrait of a larger-than-life character who has transformed the nation".

Simon & Schuster Ltd, £20.00, 20th January 2022, 9781471192296
Editors choice

Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller

by Nadia Wassef

"Diwan was my love letter to Egypt." In 2002, Wassef founded Diwan, a fiercely independent bookstore in Cairo, with her sister and a friend. Ten years later, Diwan had become a rousing success with 10 locations, 150 employees and a fervent fanbase. This absorbing account of bookselling against the odds-in which each chapter maps a section of the bookstore and people who frequent it-is also a portrait of a country hurtling towards revolution, a feminist rallying cry and an "unapologetic crash course in running a business under the law of entropy".

Corsair, £14.99, 13th January 2022, 9781472156822
Editors choice

The Cure for Sleep

by Tanya Shadrick

"Where does it begin, our turn away from risk and adventure? Why do so many of us hide in routine, shrink from opportunity?" So writes Shadrick-who works in public spaces to encourage others to share stories and take creative risks-at the beginning of her beguiling debut book. It's a daring and enchantingly written blend of memoir and self-help, which urges us to consider, at any age, breaking the spell of our inherited longings for love, approval, safety and rescue, and doing what we are actually called to do with our one wild and precious life.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £16.99, 20th January 2022, 9781474618076
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