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books featured in episode two

  • The Stress Solution

    by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

    Category: Family & Health, Non-fiction
    Imprint: Penguin Life
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 27 Dec 2018
    ISBN: 9780241317945

    "It's thought that between 70 and 90% of GP consultations are related to stress." This has to change. Dr Rangan Chatterjee knows this better than anyone. As a practising GP he's seen first-hand how stress affects his patients and has found simple but effective methods to help them.

  • The Binding

    by Bridget Collins


    Category: General & Literary Fiction, Fiction
    Imprint: The Borough Press
    Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    Publication date: 2 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9780008272111

    "I wish I had written it," Erin Kelly. Imagine you could erase your grief. Imagine you could forget your pain. Imagine you could hide a secret. Forever. Emmett Farmer is working in the fields when a letter arrives summoning him to begin an apprenticeship. He will work for a Bookbinder, a vocation that arouses fear, superstition and prejudice - but one neither he nor his parents can afford to refuse.

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  • Kafka’s Last Trial

    by Benjamin Balint

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction 
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan
    Publication date: 8 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9781509836710

    The gripping story of the legal battle over the work of perhaps the iconic writer of the twentieth century: a priceless cache of papers, an unprecedented international custody battle, and the unlikely journey of a trove of manuscripts from Prague to Palestine.

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  • My Sister, the Serial Killer

    by Oyinkan Braithwaite

    Category: Crime & Mystery Fiction, Fiction, Thrillers, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: Atlantic Books
    Publisher: Atlantic Books
    Publication date: 26 Oct 2018
    ISBN: 9781786495976

    As smart and murderous as Killing Eve, My Sister, the Serial Killer is a blackly comic novel about how blood is thicker - and more difficult to get out of the carpet - than water...

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  • Quicksand Tales

    by Keggie Carew

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: Canongate Books Ltd
    Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
    Publication date: 31 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9781786894076

    A hilarious, embarrassing collection of misadventures from the Costa-winning author of Dadland.

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  • Queenie

    by Candice Carty-Williams

    Category: Modern and contemporary fiction
    Imprint: Trapeze
    Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
    Publication date: 11 Apr 2019
    ISBN: 9781409180050

    A darkly comic and unflinchingly raw depiction of a young woman trying to navigate her way in the world, QUEENIE is about identity, independence and carving your own path. For fans of Dolly Alderton, Bryony Gordon and Dawn O'Porter, and anyone who loved Fleabag and Dear White People.

  • The Four Pillar Plan

    by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

    Category: Family & Health, Non-fiction, Food & Drink 
    Imprint: Penguin Life
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 28 Dec 2017
    ISBN: 9780241303559

    Amazon No. 1 Bestseller Dr Chatterjee believes that a small change in the way you... RELAX EAT MOVE SLEEP can make a BIG difference to your life. Everyone has the opportunity to live and feel better and in The Four Pillar Plan, Dr Rangan Chatterjee - BBC 1's Doctor in the House - creates an easily accessible plan for taking control of your health and your life.

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  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton

    by Sara Collins

    Category: Crime & Mystery Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance
    Imprint: Viking
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 4 April 2019
    ISBN: 9780241349199

    'They say I must be put to death for what happened to Madame, and they want me to confess. But how can I confess what I don't believe I've done?' 1826, and all of London is in a frenzy. Crowds gather at the gates of the Old Bailey to watch as Frannie Langton, maid to Mr and Mrs Benham, goes on trial for their murder. The testimonies against her are damning - slave, whore, seductress. And they may be the truth. But they are not the whole truth. For the first time Frannie must tell her story.

  • On the Frontline with the Women Who Fight Back

    by Stacey Dooley

    Category: Biography & Non-Fiction Prose, Society & Social Sciences, Gender Studies: Women & Girls
    Imprint: BBC Books
    Publisher: Ebury Publishing
    Publication date: 15 Feb 2018
    ISBN: 9781785942983

    In her first book, On the Front Line with the Women Who Fight Back, Stacey draws on her encounters with these brave and wonderful women, using their experiences as a vehicle to explore issues at the centre of female experience.

  • Old Baggage

    by Lissa Evans

    Category: General & Literary Fiction, Fiction, Adventure 
    Imprint: Black Swan
    Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
    Publication date: 27 Dec 2018
    ISBN: 9781784161217

    Jailed five times, she marched, sang, gave speeches, smashed windows and heckled Winston Churchill, and nothing - nothing - since then has had the same depth, the same excitement.

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  • The Alcohol Experiment

    by Annie Grace

    Category: Health, Relationships & Personal Development
    Imprint: HQ
    Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    Publication date: 31 Dec 2018
    ISBN: 9780008293475

    From the bestselling author of This Naked Mind It's YOUR body... It's YOUR mind... It's YOUR choice... There are a million reasons why you might drink. It tastes great. You feel more sociable. Sex is better. It helps you relax. But are you really in control? Whether you're reading this because you know you drink too much and want to quit, or whether you just want to cut back for a while, this book is for you.

  • The Unexpected Joy of Being Single

    by Catherine Gray

    Category: Family & Health, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: Aster
    Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
    Publication date: 27 Dec 2018
    ISBN: 9781912023813

    The highly anticipated follow-up to The Sunday Times bestseller The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober.

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  • The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

    by Catherine Gray

    Category: Family & Health, Non-fiction, Biography & Memoirs 
    Imprint: Aster
    Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
    Publication date: 28 Dec 2017
    ISBN: 9781912023387

    Going sober will make you happier, healthier, wealthier, slimmer and sexier. Despite all of these upsides, it's easier said than done. This inspirational, aspirational and highly relatable narrative champions the benefits of sobriety; combining the author's personal experience, factual reportage, contributions from experts and self-help advice.

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  • Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start

    by Tom Kerridge

    Category: Lifestyle, Hobbies & Leisure, Cookery / Food & Drink
    Imprint: Bloomsbury Absolute
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    Publication date: 26 Dec 2018
    ISBN: 9781472962805

    Tom Kerridge shows you how to be the boss in the kitchen and eat well every day, thanks to more than 100 brilliant recipes to give you and your family a fresh start. What's for dinner tonight? Recycle that takeaway menu, step away from the microwave and make the most of the amazing British produce with some real home-cooked food from Tom's BBC TV series!

  • The Wall

    by John Lanchester

    Category: General & Literary Fiction, Fiction, Thrillers, Science Fiction 
    Imprint: WW Norton & Co
    Publisher: WW Norton & Co
    Publication date: 5 Mar 2019
    ISBN: 9781324001638

    The best-selling author of The Debt to Pleasure and Capital returns with a chilling fable for our time. Ravaged by the Change, an island nation in a time very like our own has built the Wall-an enormous concrete barrier around its entire coastline. Joseph Kavanagh, a new Defender, has one task: to protect his section of the Wall from the Others, the desperate souls who are trapped amid the rising seas outside and are a constant threat.

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  • Horizon

    by Barry Lopez

    Category: Travel, Non-fiction, Biography & Memoirs 
    Imprint: Knopf Publishing Group
    Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
    Publication date: 19 Mar 2019
    ISBN: 9780394585826

    Taking us nearly from pole to pole--from modern megacities to some of the most remote regions on the earth--and across decades of lived experience, Barry Lopez, hailed by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as "one of our finest writers," gives us his most far-ranging yet personal work to date, in a book that moves indelibly, immersively, through his travels to six regions of the world: from Western Oregon to the High Arctic; from the Galápagos to the Kenyan desert; from Botany Bay in Australia to finally, unforgettably, the ice shelves of Antarctica.

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  • Underland

    by Robert Macfarlane

    Category: Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
    Imprint: Hamish Hamilton Ltd
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 2 May 2019
    ISBN: 9780241143803

    The highly anticipated new book from the internationally bestselling, prize-winning author of Landmarks, The Lost Words and The Old Ways Discover the hidden worlds beneath our feet... In Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes us on a journey into the worlds beneath our feet. From the ice-blue depths of Greenland's glaciers, to the underground networks by which trees communicate, from Bronze Age burial chambers to the rock art of remote Arctic sea-caves, this is a deep-time voyage into the planet's past and future.

  • The Lost Words

    by Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris

    Category: Children's 
    Hamish Hamilton Ltd
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 2 Oct 2017
    ISBN: 9780241253588

    From bestselling Landmarks author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed artist & author Jackie Morris. All over the country, there are words disappearing from children's lives. These are the words of the natural world - Dandelion, Otter, Bramble and Acorn, all gone.

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  • Rise

    by Gina Miller

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction, Current Affairs 
    Imprint: Canongate Books Ltd
    Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
    Publication date: 30 Aug 2018
    ISBN: 9781786892904

    An extraordinary account of what it means to stand up for justice, and for yourself, no matter the cost.

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  • War Doctor

    by David Nott

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: Picador
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan
    Publication date: 21 Feb 2019
    ISBN: 9781509837021

    The gripping true story of a front-line trauma surgeon in the world's most dangerous war zones.

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  • How to Be Right

    by James O'Brien

    Category: Current Affairs, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: W H Allen
    Publisher: Ebury Publishing
    Publication date: 1 Nov 2018
    ISBN: 9780753553091

    I have tried to dissuade them and sometimes succeeded... The challenge is to distinguish sharply between the people who told lies and the people whose only offence was to believe them.'- James O'Brien

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  • Becoming

    by Michelle Obama

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction, Current Affairs 
    Imprint: Viking
    Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
    Publication date: 13 Nov 2018
    ISBN: 9780241334140

    An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era.

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  • The Library Book

    by Susan Orlean

    Category: History, Non-fiction, Biography & Memoirs 
    Imprint: Atlantic Books
    Publisher: Atlantic Books
    Publication date: 3 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9781782392255

    The bestselling author of Rin Tin Tin and The Orchid Thief reopens the unsolved mystery of one of the most catastrophic library fires in history and delivers a dazzling love letter to a beloved institution - our libraries.

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  • Erebus: The Story of a Ship

    by Michael Palin

    Category: Non-fiction, Travel 
    Imprint: Random House Books
    Publisher: Cornerstone
    Publication date: 20 Sep 2018
    ISBN: 9781847948120

    'This beautifully produced volume - colour plates, outstanding maps - is a landmark achievement.' - Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage. `I absolutely loved it: I had to read it at one sitting.'

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  • Once Upon a River

    by Diane Setterfield

    Category: Fiction, Historical Fiction & Sagas, Crime & Mystery Fiction 
    Imprint: Doubleday
    Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
    Publication date: 17 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9780857525659


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  • Blood & Sugar

    by Laura Shepherd-Robinson


    Category: Historical Fiction & Sagas, Crime & Mystery Fiction 
    Imprint: Mantle
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan
    Publication date: 24 Jan 2019
    ISBN: 9781509880775

    June, 1781. An unidentified body hangs upon a hook at Deptford Dock - horribly tortured and branded with a slaver's mark. Some days later, Captain Harry Corsham - a war hero embarking upon a promising parliamentary career - is visited by the sister of an old friend. Her brother, passionate abolitionist Tad Archer, had been about to expose a secret that he believed could cause irreparable damage to the British slaving industry.


  • Educated

    by Tara Westover

    Category: Biography & Memoirs, Non-fiction 
    Imprint: Hutchinson
    Publisher: Cornerstone
    Publication date: 15 Feb 2018
    ISBN: 9781786330512

    Tara Westover grew up preparing for the End of Days, watching for the sun to darken, for the moon to drip as if with blood. She spent her summers bottling peaches and her winters rotating emergency supplies, hoping that when the World of Men failed, her family would continue on, unaffected. She hadn't been registered for a birth certificate. She had no school records because she'd never set foot in a classroom, and no medical records because her father didn't believe in doctors or hospitals. According to the state and federal government, she didn't exist. As she grew older, her father became more radical, and her brother, more violent. At sixteen Tara decided to educate herself. Her struggle for knowledge would take her far from her Idaho mountains, over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and to Cambridge. Only then would she wonder if she'd travelled too far.

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