• A week with Vicky

    <p>Victoria Barnsley, c.e.o. of HarperCollins, last week offered Daily Telegraph readers a diary of her working life. She finds that "it is possible to mix... Read more

  • DK elevates creatives

    <p>Liz Bury</p><p>Dorling Kindersley is to reorganise its creative teams into six subject groups, each with its own publishing director.</p><p>The four adult groups will be health... Read more

  • Audio opportunity for indies

    <p>An innovative range management tool could help independent booksellers grow their sales of audiobooks this year. The techniques, developed by BBC Audiobooks, have led to... Read more

  • BA-PA group grows and agrees launches

    <p>The PA/BA Liaison Group, previously known as the trade forum, has been expanded to include wholesaler representation. Following a request from the BA, Gardners m.d.... Read more

  • Pan Mac parts from Channel 4

    <p>Liz Bury</p><p>Pan Macmillan has parted ways from Channel 4 Books, ending a five-year publishing partnership.</p><p>The move occurred after the existing contract came up for review... Read more

  • Cork crisis draws on

    <p>The optimism of some publishers about the future of supermarket supplier Cork International is flagging, as talks to resolve the financial crisis have yet to... Read more

  • Oneword talks continue

    <p>The future of digital radio books station Oneword remains in the balance, as co-parent UBC Media continues investment negotiations.</p><p>UBC is nearing the end of discussions... Read more

  • Publishers miss County cash

    <p>Fiona Fraser</p><p>Collapsed remainder chain County Bookshops has left a cash shortfall of more than &#163;4m, according to a creditors' report. Publishers and other trade creditors... Read more

  • Altruda's world role for Borders

    <p>Fiona Fraser</p><p>Vincent Altruda, president of Borders' international stores, has been promoted to the position of worldwide president, following the resignation of Borders US president Tamara... Read more

  • Abrams sets up UK sales arm

    <p>Abrams, the US illustrated publisher, is to grow its UK and international presence with a new UK office and sales team.</p><p>The office will be headed... Read more

  • Jessica Kingsley goes alone in US

    <p>Jessica Kingsley Publishers has created a US subsidiary to provide sales and marketing support from 1st August.</p><p>The new Philadelphia-based company, Jessica Kingsley Publishers Inc, will... Read more

  • Reed outlines online growth strategy

    <p>Liz Bury</p><p>Reed has put online products at the heart of a three-year growth strategy, unveiled last week with its 2003 financial results.</p><p>Crispin Davis, c.e.o., identified... Read more

  • 'Special editions'

    <p>Last week, on the strength of the Channel 4 programme "Spitfire Pilot", we received an order from a regular customer for a copy of the... Read more

  • Richard&amp;Judy's Book Club

    <p>I need to respond to the letter (Letters, 20th February) from Madeleine Gair of the Whitby Bookshop, lest booksellers who have not seen our programme... Read more

  • The book buyer's expense

    <p>Two years ago at its yearly conference the Academic, Professional&amp;Specialist Booksellers Group held a discussion on the pricing of books where many of the points... Read more

Jobs in Books

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The Ice Monster
    by David Walliams
  2. 2.
    Past Tense
    by Lee Child
  3. 3.
    The Meltdown
    by Jeff Kinney
  4. 4.
    The Tattooist of Auschwitz
    by Heather Morris
  5. 5.
    The Christmas Rose
    by Dilly Court
  6. 6.
    Guinness World Records 2019
  7. 7.
    The Wonky Donkey
    by Craig Smith & Katz Cowley
  8. 8.
    Brief Answers to the Big Questions
    by Stephen Hawking
  9. 9.
    Listening to the Animals
    by Noel Fitzpatrick
  10. 10.
    by C J Sansom
16th November 2018

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