• International publishers converge at Olympia

    <p>A surge in overseas visitors has confirmed the London Book Fair's shift away from a display event for the UK industry to a truly international,... Read more

  • Exporters fight weak dollar

    <p>UK publishers at the London Book Fair will battle against a weak dollar that has toughened trading conditions in open markets. US budget deficits have... Read more

  • Reading for pleasure

    <p>So, accountants read the most for pleasure. Are they not the very people who, having driven the industry's relentless pursuit of market at the expense... Read more

  • Removing cover prices

    <p>I read with increasing disbelief the squeals of protest over a proposed, innovative arrangement, freely entered into between companies, reported in The Bookseller and national... Read more

  • Supermarkets and books

    <p>Because supermarkets dominate retail sales, it's easy to understand why publishers want their books on sale there. But supermarkets have increased their market share at... Read more

  • The exclusive book industry

    <p>Why do we reach only half of the population?</p><p>The "In full colour" supplement we publish this week in association with the decibel initiative to promote... Read more

  • German arm for Bloomsbury

    <p>Germany literary publisher Berlin Verlag, which was bought by Bloomsbury a year ago, is to highlight its UK connections with a new imprint, Bloomsbury Berlin.... Read more

  • Compass points forward

    <p>New independent sales operation Compass Academic has recruited its first three client publishers. The new sales team will begin work with bookshops and academic institutions... Read more

  • Barker joins Fourth Estate

    <p>Nicola Barker has become the first leading author from the Flamingo list, which HarperCollins has closed, to sign with HC's Fourth Estate. Clare Reihill at... Read more

  • Backlash puts brakes on cover price move

    <p>A sharp backlash against the removal of cover prices from books has slowed industry moves towards change. Ottakar's and this week added their voices... Read more

  • Ottakar's leads Nibbies winners

    <p>Ottakar's, Profile Books and the BBC's "The Big Read" were among the winners at today's British Book Trade Awards, the first half of the 2004... Read more

  • Diversify or die, warns report

    <p>If publishers fail to employ a more culturally diverse workforce they risk losing out on a share of the &#163;32bn spending power of Britain's minority... Read more

  • Dewi Lewis scores a goal with Beckham

    <p>Ten-year-old Stockport publisher Dewi Lewis is making the most of a publishing coup--a book of photographs of David Beckham taken by two Manchester paparazzi, brothers... Read more

  • A looful of meerkats

    <p>"It is with great pleasure that I pronounce this shop . . . open." So says our glorious leader, to a crowd of staff, a... Read more

  • On the one hand, I was murdered . . .

    <p>Ian Miller and his family kept the flame burning at C W Daniel for 31 years, turning out titles that were relied on by aromatherapists,... Read more

Jobs in Books

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The Ice Monster
    by David Walliams
  2. 2.
    Past Tense
    by Lee Child
  3. 3.
    The Meltdown
    by Jeff Kinney
  4. 4.
    The Tattooist of Auschwitz
    by Heather Morris
  5. 5.
    The Christmas Rose
    by Dilly Court
  6. 6.
    Guinness World Records 2019
  7. 7.
    The Wonky Donkey
    by Craig Smith & Katz Cowley
  8. 8.
    Brief Answers to the Big Questions
    by Stephen Hawking
  9. 9.
    Listening to the Animals
    by Noel Fitzpatrick
  10. 10.
    by C J Sansom
16th November 2018

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