Zuleika is to publish 'incredibly timely' novel set in post-Trump America

Zuleika is to publish 'incredibly timely' novel set in post-Trump America

London-Based indie Zuleika is to publish Peter Isdell-Carpenter's dystopian novel The Final Warning

Publisher Tom Perrin has acquired world rights with publication scheduled for autumn 2020. 

The Final Warning is set in post-Trump America, where Adam Sukova, the 46th president of the United States, attempts to restore trust in a nation ravaged by misinformation and, quite possibly, an Islamist conspiracy which goes all the way to the top.

Stories from across the US intertwine in this "energetic" novel about a nation finding itself pressed up against the void of its future, as espionage gains a tangible foothold in every crevice of its establishment. 

Isdell-Carpenter said: "I hope this novel will resonate with those who read the news every morning and sigh or cover their eyes. It is a story I wanted to tell about what can happen when power and deception run amok in the world’s biggest democracy, and what it is like for a small group of ordinary people to be racing to save the nation from resulting meltdown."

Perrin added: "I am delighted to have acquired this incredibly timely novel. It is like reading a fresh rally cry, and I am still astounded by its astute understanding of the modern world and all of its very real ailments, and the ways in which its characters interact with them. It is the human aspect to this book, which takes political movements and stances of all kinds and provides a human face, mind and body for each, which really drew me to it, and I’m extremely proud to have it on my list for Zuleika."