Zombie love story to Vintage

<p>Frances Macmillan, assistant editor at Vintage, has bought a &quot;funny and charming&quot; debut novel, <em>Warm Bodies </em>by Seattle-based writer Isaac Marion, for which film rights have already gone to Twilight producers Summit Films.</p><p>Macmillan bought UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Lauren Pearson at Regal Literary in London.</p><p><em>Warm Bodies</em> is the story of R, a zombie who yearns for a better life, and who begins to transform after he falls in love with a young human woman.</p><p>Macmillan described the book as a &quot;brilliant modern day Romeo and Juliet with zombies&quot;, predicting it would charm fans of Stephenie Meyer and &#39;Shaun of the Dead&#39; alike. The book will be published as a Vintage Original in October.</p>