Zoella reveals new book details

Zoella reveals new book details

Zoe Sugg revealed the title and cover of her next novel in a video on her “More Zoella” vlog channel yesterday (30th July), and praised her Penguin editor Amy Alward for helping her to write.

The book is titled Girl Online: On Tour (20th October, £12.99, hardback) and Sugg revealed a pink and orange mockup to show the cover design, saying foil will be added on the final version. Suggs said: “It gives away quite a lot by the title” and drew attention to an “Access All Areas” name badge on the cover featuring the main character name, concert tickets and a Paris stamp featured on the cover. She added: “I'm so happy with it, I love it…. I hope it’s made you even more excited.”

Sugg also commented: “This is really exciting for me and I’ve absolutely loved working with Amy [Alward] on this and have kind of gained myself a friend which is so lovely. She’s taught me so much about the writing process and how to develop my writing skills. As you guys know I’m not properly trained in writing, I just enjoy it, and enjoying something doesn’t necessarily mean it can go straight on the shelves for all of you to read. So having Amy helping me with that has been so lovely and it’s really taught me so much. I’ve really enjoyed writing this book, I especially loved developing the characters further, adding new characters and just furthering the plot. It’s been a really exciting and fulfilling process and I really hope that you guys love it as much as I do.”

Sugg then read an extract from the book, saying she’d previously read the first two chapters to her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, who featured in the video, but that he had fallen asleep and “didn’t remember one word”. The extract is from the first two chapters which are featured in the back of the paperback of Girl Online which is published on 13th August. She closed the video, which currently has just under 500 000 views, thanking her viewers for their support.

There was controversy last year when it was revealed that writer Siobhan Curham had helped Sugg with her first book.

This spring it was announced that Sugg would produce the second book without Curham's assistance.