Zodiac 'serial killer thriller' to Michael Joseph

Zodiac 'serial killer thriller' to Michael Joseph

Oliver Munson at AM Heath has sold world rights to Zodiac by Sam Wilson to Emad Akhtar at Michael Joseph.

Zodiac is described as "a high-concept serial killer thriller" set in a society which, rather than class, race or religion, is divided by Zodiac signs where status is cast at birth and binding forever. A series of brutal murders ensue as pieces of a grand puzzle.

Akhtar said: “I was instantly hooked by Sam’s unique concept and it has been a joy to see him bring it to life. The story is at heart a brilliantly executed thriller, filled with memorable characters, and nail-biting moments throughout. It’s a project we and the other publishers around the world will have a lot of fun publishing.”

Penguin Random House has so far had auctions and pre-empts for translation rights in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

The book is set to be published in the UK in July 2016.