Zed secures two-book deal with activist Kehinde Andrews

Zed secures two-book deal with activist Kehinde Andrews

Zed Books has signed two titles by activist and educator Kehinde Andrews.

Editorial director Kim Walker acquired both titles directly from the author for an undisclosed amount.

The first title Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century, publishing July 2018, is a history of radical Black politics that reclaims the movement from the "obfuscations, stereotypes and myths" that have grown up around it. Andrews traces the lineage of Black radicalism from figures such as Marcus Garvey through to Malcom X, from the Black Panthers to the Black Lives Matter movement of today. He argues that, for freedom, justice and equality, the next generation needs to be rooted in the politics of Black radicalism.

The publication of Back to Black will be accompanied by a "high-profile" broadcast slot and a nationwide bookshop tour.

Andrews will also be series editor for the upcoming Zed series of titles, ‘Blackness in Britain’, which explores race in this country through a variety of content aimed at both academic and general readerships.

The second title The West is Built on Racism, publishing in 2020, takes its cue from Andrews "incendiary" 2017 Guardian Online video, ‘The west was built on racism. It's time we faced that’, which has so far been viewed almost 10 million times on Facebook alone. Divided into three sections exploring Industry, Science and Politics, this book connects the history of the West to the present day, illustrating how racism is in the West’s very DNA, arguing that racism remains one of the defining and organising principles of social life.

Walker said the publisher is "thrilled and enthused" to be publishing titles by such a "searing radical voice" as Andrews.

"Kehinde’s integrity, and his desire to address head-on mistruths and injustices, chime with what we at Zed are all about, and we are looking forward to working with him over the next few years to ensure that his message reaches far and wide", she said.

Andrews said: "I am delighted to sign with Zed Books to publish Back to Black and The West is Built on Racism. Having long admired Zed’s output, including titles such as Black Marxism and Assata, I am really excited to be working with the team to make sure that my books reach and engage with as wide an audience as possible."