Yudu launches education platform

Yudu launches education platform

Yudu Media has launched an education platform which allows publishers to create enhanced e-books which can be used across multiple devices.

A company spokesperson said it was the first system which provides access to enhanced content on any device and also enables publishers to sell it outside a locked system.

“Amazon, iBooks and other platform-specific systems lock publishers into a singular OS, forcing them to recreate content in order to offer it on multiple devices,” the spokesperson said. “Plus, these systems put the platform operator in control of the customer relationship, preventing publishers from accessing valuable consumer data.”

The tool also allows students and instructors to annotate, bookmark, take clippings of content, and integrate supplemental materials.

Yudu c.e.o Robert Stephenson said: “Students may need to read and take notes on a Windows PC in the classroom, but then want to pick up where they left off on their iPad at home. Or, perhaps the school provides iPads for classroom use, but the student has an Android tablet, or maybe a laptop, at home. With most publishing platforms, this is impossible. Yudu makes it possible.”

To publish on Yudu Education, publishers must upload an existing textbook in PDF format, before YUDU digitizes the content, then publishers can add animations, videos, hyperlinks and other before clicking “Publish” for the digital textbook to appear in the publishers’ digital store.