YouTuber Butler to do UK book tour

YouTuber Butler to do UK book tour

YouTube star Marcus Butler is to go on a 13-date book tour to support publication of his forthcoming book Hello Life (Headline).

Butler has 3.7m subscribers to his YouTube channel and two million Twitter followers. Hello Life, released on 28th July, is part memoir, part self-help guide.

The book signings will be ticketed, with the purchase price including a pre-signed book.

In a video announcing the tour Butler said: “Hopefully I can meet as many of you people watching this video as possible. I would love for you guys to come and I want to meet as many of you guys as I can.

“And what I think I’m going to be doing, if you guys are cool with this, is I kind of like the idea of pre-signing the books. How it works, is you pay for a book, and that’s like your ticket to the event… But what I quite like to do is pre-sign the book so that when you’re there instead of me sat behind a table and you just hand a book and I sign it, the books are already signed so I can hand you a signed book and then we can actually hang out for a little bit and chat and get a picture, because I kind of like to interact with you guys when I meet you.”

The tour will begin on Wednesday 29th July at Waterstones in Glasgow, and will continue until Thursday 13th August, when Butler will be at Easons in Belfast.

The events will all take place at Waterstones, WH Smiths or Easons.

Butler said he may do a tour in the US in the future.