Young men like e-readers the most, says Ofcom

<p>Only 2% of adults have access to an e-reading device, with younger men the most likely to have them, according to a consumer research study into people&#39;s media habits by Ofcom.</p><p>Its Communication Markets Report revealed currently only a minority of households have access to e-readers. Younger people are more likely than older people to do so with 3% of 15-24 year olds saying they had a device in the house. The report said take-up is &quot;slightly&quot; higher among men than women, with 2% of men having access to a reader, compared to 1% of women. </p><p>But the iPad may not be succeeding as establishing itself as an e-reading device. &quot;Data from IPSOS MediaCT show that consumers who are considering buying an iPad do not cite e-books as one of the top five activities they would be interested in using one of these devices for, although this may reflect some consumers&#39; lack of familiarity with e-books,&quot; the report stated.</p><p>The study used a nationally representative sample of 1,138 adults aged 16 and over.</p>