YOLO and humblebrag added to online Oxford Dictionary

YOLO and humblebrag added to online Oxford Dictionary

Binge-watch, vape, YOLO and humblebrag are among the latest words to be added to the online Oxford Dictionaries.

Other words making the dictionary, which has been updated following research into current language usage trends, include listicle, live-tweet, side boob, and neckbeard.

Oxford Dictionaries editor Katherine Connor Martin said: “One of the advantages of our unique language monitoring programme is that it enables us to explore how English language evolves differently across the world.

“Naturally, many words are used in similar frequencies in the UK and US, for instance the informal additions amazeballs and neckbeard.

“However, some new slang and informal words catch on much more quickly in a particular variety of English – for instance, in our monitoring sample, side boob is more than 10 times more common in the UK than in the US (although this is due in part to its frequent use in the British media), whereas adorbs is used about four times more often in the US as in the UK.”  

The word binge-watch has “shown a steady increase over the past two years”, said Oxford Dictionaries, with spikes recorded around the Netflix releases of "House of Cards" season two in February 2014, and season two of "Orange is the New Black" in June 2014.
Reflecting the continued influence of technology, other words added include clickbait, responsive and tech-savvy.

Each month, Oxford Dictionaries collects examples of around 150m words in use from sources around the world, and adds these to the Oxford Corpus database. The editors use this database to track and verify new and emerging word trends.

Each year, more than 1,000 additions are made to OxfordDictionaries.com in updates which are published quarterly.