Yin's Malaysian cookbook hits the spot for Quadrille

Yin's Malaysian cookbook hits the spot for Quadrille

Quadrille has snapped up Mandy Yin's Sambal Shiok: A Malaysian Cookbook.

Céline Hughes, senior commissioning editor, acquired world rights in a two-way auction from Niki Chang at David Higham Associates. It will be published on 14th October 2021. 

A keen cook from an early age, Yin wrote down every step of the family dishes she grew up eating. In her cooking, she combines this knowledge of the fundamentals of Malaysian cuisine with her memories of boisterous, hot hawker centres in Kuala Lumpur. 

Sambal Shiok will feature 90 "accessible" recipes that were handed down from Yin’s mother as well as those that she has developed for her London restaurant. Recipes include "Peranakan Nyonya Curry Laksa, Penang Assam Laksa, Malaysian Fried Chicken, Prawn Fritters, Spiral Curry Puffs, flaky Roti Canai, Beef Rendang, Mapo Tofu, and the perfect Steamed Rice". 

Hughes said: "The moment I saw the proposal, I knew Mandy’s book was going to be special. Her restaurant’s laksa was already famous in north London and far beyond, so it followed that all of her soulful Malaysian dishes were going to be a joy not just for her lucky customers to eat, but for everyone to discover and cook at home, too."

Yin commented: "I am very proud of this book, my legacy — an evocative tribute to my home country and its cuisine. I hope that this book will inspire many to cook Malaysian dishes, to seek out and eat Malaysian food wherever you are in the world and to travel to Malaysia to fully understand and experience the richness of its cuisine and culture. For fellow Malaysians, I hope that you will find great comfort in these pages, as I did re-creating nostalgic tastes while writing this book during the Covid-19 lockdowns."