Yellow Kite wins three-way auction for Love's exploration of talking therapy

Yellow Kite wins three-way auction for Love's exploration of talking therapy

Yellow Kite will publish Jo Love's Therapy is... Magic: An Essential Guide to the Ups, Downs and Life-changing Experiences of Talking Therapy on 7th October 2021, in time for World Mental Health Day. 

Love is a trainee psychotherapist, mental health advocate and artist. She is also a mental health ambassador for brands, companies and organisations, consults with schools on how to look after the wellbeing of children and helps to break the stigma that still surrounds therapy.

Her first book will be part-memoir, part-toolkit and will explore the many facets of talking therapy. Love will share her own experiences, shine light on the process and help readers start their own journey, expand their understanding and hopefully reap the life-changing benefits, said the publisher. 

Lauren Whelan, editorial director, bought world rights from Jo Bell at Bell Lomax Moreton in a three-way auction. 

Whelan said: "Despite the fact we are having more conversations around our mental health than ever before, the pressures of modern living are still taking a toll on so many and people are in need of options that will help. Jo’s unflinchingly honest and practical account on the ins, outs and know-how of therapy will shed much-needed light on the topic and help a lot of readers to work out whether this might be a pathway that could change their lives or their loved ones lives for the better."

Love commented: "Therapy has been a huge part of my life. I have experienced first-hand how powerful it can be to have someone there beside you, supporting and encouraging you while you navigate the hard stuff. I have felt the transformational power of being heard, being listened to and accepted—I’m so proud to be sharing my debut book this autumn which I hope will be extremely useful and inspiring for readers."