Yellow Kite wins five-way auction for psychotherapist's debut

Yellow Kite wins five-way auction for psychotherapist's debut

Yellow Kite has won psychotherapist and mental health consultant Zoë Aston's first book in a five-way auction. The book aims to give readers a transformative "mental health workout" reaping results in five weeks.

The book, titled Your Mental Health Workout: 5 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier Mind, showcases a step-by-step customisable workout devised by Aston for the mind, structured akin to a physical workout.

Editorial director Carolyn Thorne bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Ben Clark at the Soho Agency, for publication in May 2021, mental health awareness month.

The workout plan prescribes "exercises" such as therapy, mindfulness, affirmations, gratitude, physical exercise, self-care and connection to support readers in becoming "stronger, happier and more resilient".

Aston already works with Barry’s UK, Harrods, Lululemon, and Gareth Bale’s gym, Rowbots, in this area.

As a precursor to the trade paperback, Yellow Kite will be releasing a taster e-book, Your Mental Health First Aid Kit, on 1st September, showcasing some of Aston's techniques that are particularly useful for mental health wellbeing coming out of Lockdown.

“My mission is to make working on your mental health as accessible and acceptable as working on your physical health," said Aston. "I am passionate about providing resources that can both prevent mental health declines before they happen and also support those already suffering to find a way through. Your Mental Health First Aid Kit e-book is a great starting point for anyone who wants to make healthy decisions for their mind, post Lockdown. Your Mental Health Workout offers an opportunity to make good mental health a lifestyle choice.”

Thorne said: “We spend a lot of time looking after our physical wellbeing but most of us don’t put the time aside to properly look after our mental health. Zoë’s book allows you to build a tailored schedule to target specific limitations for a fitter and happier mind. I am delighted to be publishing this grounded and accessible approach to mental health self-care.”