Yellow Kite acquires 'revolutionary' plant-based cookbook

Yellow Kite acquires 'revolutionary' plant-based cookbook

Yellow Kite will publish The Plant-Based Diet Revolution: 28 days to a Healthier Gut and a Happier You by consultant gastroenterologist Dr Alan Desmond (pictured) and chef Bob Andrew.

Editorial director Nicky Ross acquired world rights from Faith O’Grady at the Lisa Richards Agency. The title will be published in hardback and e-book on 7th January 2021. 

Dr Alan Desmond is an NHS consultant with 20 years of clinical experience, specialising in both gastroenterology and general medicine and becoming an expert in the effect that the food we eat has on our gut health and overall health, says the publisher. 

In The Plant-Based Diet Revolution Desmond will cut through the "diet confusion" and explain the latest research and science showing how readers can benefit from eating more plants. He will explain the true power of food and the role that our gut microbes play in improving our overall physical and mental wellbeing. He will also share success stories from his clinic.

Desmond worked closely with co-author Andrew, a Riverford chef and recipe developer, to turn his scientific research into 80 plant-based recipes. The recipes will be featured in the book alongside a step-by-step guide that provides meal plans, shopping guides and tips. 

Ross said: “There is so much confusion about what we should be eating and whether a plant-based diet is actually healthy, I was immediately drawn to the clarity of Dr Desmond’s message. Is plant-based best? The scientific evidence says 'Yes’.”

Desmond commented: "As rates of gut health problems and other long-term medical conditions have continued to rise, ‘What should I eat?’ has become one of the most important questions of the 21st century. I have seen my patients transform their own health and revolutionise their quality of life by simply eating more plants. The Plant-Based Diet Revolution is written for anyone aiming to optimise their well-being through healthier food choices."