Yellow Kite picks up 'game-changing' Booze Control book

Yellow Kite picks up 'game-changing' Booze Control book

Yellow Kite has picked up a “game-changing” examination of alcohol and its effects by Professor David Nutt.

Lauren Whelan, commissioning editor, acquired world English language rights from Rachel Mills at Rachel Mills Literary in an exclusive submission. Booze Control: The Mind-Blowing Science of Alcohol will be published in January 2020.

Nutt, a leading expert on the action of drugs on the central nervous system, will break down the science and effect of alcohol on our health, body, brain, mood, sleep and productivity. The book promises to provide insight on the drinks industry and what the future holds for alcohol.

The publisher explained: “This is not a book to tell you not to drink, instead it’s going to shed light on why ‘just having a couple’ or put simply, cutting down and gaining more understanding of how alcohol works, is sensible, and it will help us make more informed choices about our own consumption. Booze Control will do for alcohol what Matthew Walker did for sleep and Giulia Enders did for our guts.”

Whelan said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing this important book and his knowledge to the Yellow Kite list. It will cut through the noise and lift the lid on alcohol in a digestible, deeply engaging way at a time when more people than ever before are choosing to examine their drinking habits.’”

Liz Gough, publisher added: “As we reach our fifth birthday we are proud to be announcing this fantastic book that exemplifies all that we believe in here at Yellow Kite - well-researched, accessible information that helps readers take informed decisions around their health and the way they live their lives. In Booze Control, Dr David Nutt unravels the science and the myths around alcohol - timely, smart and informative, it’s going to be brilliant.”