Gut buy for Yellow Kite with blogger's cookbook

Gut buy for Yellow Kite with blogger's cookbook

Yellow Kite has acquired a cookbook from Emma Hatcher, creator of the blog "She Can’t Eat What?!", catering to low-FODMAP diets.

Low-FODMAP diets (FODMAP, an acronym for poorly-absorbed simple and complex sugars found in a variety of foods, including milk and wheat) are recommended by the NHS, particularly for those suffering from stomach issues including IBS, Crohn’s disease and coeliac disease.

Hatcher's The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen: Easy, delicious, FODMAP-friendly recipes for a healthy gut and a happy life will publish on 12th January 2017. Editor Maddy Price acquired world rights directly from the author.  

The book, which is published in partnership with the Australian experts FODMAP Friendly Pty Ltd, will include over 100 "easy and tasty" recipes, an introduction to the diet and helpful meal plans. It will also feature tips and stories from Hatcher, who suffered from a sensitive gut herself for years until the diet was recommended to her by her doctor, leading her to set up popular diet blog "She Can’t Eat What?!".

Price said: "Emma’s blog is truly inspiring, and I’m thrilled to be publishing her book which shows how simple it can be to follow this incredibly effective diet, cooking delicious meals for yourself and for your friends. Emma is the perfect spokesperson for FODMAP and I know she’s going to make life easier for lots of people with her wonderful recipes."

Hatcher said: "Following a low-FODMAP diet completely changed my life, and the motivation for starting my blog was to share my story, raise awareness of the low-FODMAP diet and to help others in the same position. I’m thrilled to be able to share my message and my recipes more widely, and I’m very happy to have found a publishing home with Yellow Kite."