Yellow Kite lands West's Secret World of Stargazing

Yellow Kite lands West's Secret World of Stargazing

Yellow Kite has landed The Secret World of Stargazing by astronomer Adrian West, who runs the VirtualAstro social media platform.

Holly Whitaker, Yellow Kite and lifestyle commissioning editor at Hodder, bought world rights directly from the author. The book will publish in hardback, e-book and audiobook on 25th November 2021.

West is the creator of the sell-out Night Sky theatre show, provides night sky tours for the National Trust, and writes articles on astronomy and space. Passionate about nature and the night sky, Adrian has been stargazing since childhood, and uses his platform “to inspire people to look up”.

The publisher said: “In The Secret World of Stargazing, Adrian shares his knowledge and simple approach to stargazing: it is easy, fun and fascinating. Adrian takes readers through the seasons, showing exactly what you should be looking for in the sky at different times of the year, whether you're in your back garden or on a remote beach. Adrian shares tips on what you can look out for, from looking up during a leisurely walk home, to monitoring the weather forecast, to purposefully search the sky on clear nights. With illustrations and charts, and chapters encompassing the Milky Way, the moon, planets and stars, space rocks and spaceships, The Secret World of Stargazing is comprehensive, practical, and entertaining.”

The author said: “I’ve really enjoyed writing this book and have always wanted to write it. I hope it helps to enable and encourage more people to look up and understand as much or as little as we want to about what can be seen in the dark night above. I started my own stargazing journey at a very early age and want everyone to experience the same delight I have throughout my life, through this aspect of the natural world, and to feel the benefits to our health and wellbeing of picking up the stargazing habit.”

Whitaker added: “I am delighted to be publishing Adrian West’s book this November. His expertise and enthusiasm shines through on his incredibly popular VirtualAstro platforms and I am so pleased that he has transferred a lifetime of knowledge into book form. The Secret World of Stargazing is the must-have guide to the night sky. Adrian will take you on an epic journey around the cosmos, and his wonderful debut illustrates how and why stargazing is so good for the soul.”