Yellow Kite lands medium Leussink's book in five-way auction

Yellow Kite lands medium Leussink's book in five-way auction

Yellow Kite has won a five-way auction for Moving Beyond by Fleur Leussink, an American medium whose star clients include Lana Del Rey and Emma Roberts.

Editorial director Carolyn Thorne bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Matilda Forbes Watson at WME. Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability and Spirit Connection will be published in hardback in July 2021.

The publisher said: “Fleur believes that the ability to feel something beyond the five senses is an innate sense that everyone has and can learn to trust and lean on. She has taught thousands of people and offered them tools to connect to their intuitive and psychic skills, as well as sharing the ability to feel their loved ones in spirit more clearly. If you want to understand the fleeting intuitive moments we all experience, and find answers within yourself rather than looking to the external world, then this book shows you how to truly tune in to your sense of self and authenticity and remain connected. Laced with inspirational stories and transformational journeys for her clients, as well as Fleur sharing her personal journey from studying for a medical degree to becoming a medium, this is a fascinating and deeply personal read as well as a practical handbook.”

The author said: “I am so excited to be published by Yellow Kite and bring Moving Beyond to those craving access to their own spiritual gifts. Everyone has the ability to connect to their intuition and the spirit world, if they know where to look. This book opens that doorway and takes away the mystery of the mystical. In these pages, I offer you a practical approach to strengthen your intuition, psychic gifts and the spirit world no matter your starting point. I’m thrilled to share this spiritual journey with all who seek it.”

Carolyn Thorne adds: “I am absolutely delighted that Fleur has chosen to publish her book with Yellow Kite. She is a breath of fresh air in the spiritual world and she brings a clarity of vision and naturalness to her readings. She has so much to share about how to connect with intuition and spirit in an empowering and liberating way.”