Yellow Kite drops in 'life-saving' guide on building immunity against Covid-19

Yellow Kite drops in 'life-saving' guide on building immunity against Covid-19

Yellow Kite is publishing The 21 Day Immunity Plan: How to Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health and Resilience to Covid-19 by Dr Aseem Malhotra this August.

World rights were aquired from Rory Scarfe at the Blair Partnership.

Dr Malhotra is an NHS consultant cardiologist, member of the King’s Fund board of trustees, and co-author of The Pioppi Diet (Penguin).

In his new book, according to Yellow Kite, Dr Malhotra will "show that our metabolic health and resilience to infection by Covid-19 can be rapidly improved in just 21 days through simple lifestyle changes to our diet, exercise, sleep and stress control", promising readers "a highly accessible, scientifically proven plan by a leader in lifestyle medicine to set you on the road to higher immunity and better health for life". 

Most recently he made headlines in the UK and internationally for citing Boris Johnson’s obesity as a factor in his battle with coronavirus and, the publisher states, he is now being consulted on new policy-making by health secretary Matt Hancock.

Publisher Rowena Webb said: "I’m thrilled to be publishing this important, even life-saving book by Dr Malhotra and hope, as he does, that it can spearhead a revolution now in public policy on diet and health."

Dr Malhotra said: "I’m delighted to be writing this timely book on an extremely important subject. One thing is clear from what we know about Covid-19 – that poor metabolic health equals poor immune health. The positive news is that we can rapidly improve these within a few weeks of following a specific evidence-based lifestyle plan – as I see with my own patients. I’ve written this book to help individuals as well as to widen our knowledge of fundamental health issues which will improve all our quality of life and save as many as possible from unnecessary suffering."