Yellow Kite buys three more from the Twochubbycubs

Yellow Kite buys three more from the Twochubbycubs

Yellow Kite will publish three more books from James and Paul Anderson, a.k.a Twochubbycubs, starting with their second cookbook Twochubbycubs Fast and Filling on 31st December 2020. 

Lauren Whelan, editorial director, acquired world rights to three books direct from the authors. 

The duo's second cookbook will feature 100 new recipes which are slimming, but also save time in the kitchen and use affordable ingredients. The book will also have more vegetarian recipes, "Minute Meals" and "One Pan" sections and a "Tighten the Belt" chapter for pre-pay day. 

The second series of the duo's podcast, "The Twochubbycubs Slimming & Sass", will be released alongside the publication. 

The authors commented: "Following the success of the first book, we wanted to give our readers what they wanted: excellent recipes, nonsense stories but with more of a focus on the question we hear so often: how can we save time? So, whether it’s meals that cook in minutes, or dinner ideas that can be scaled up and batch cooked for another day, all of the recipes in Fast and Filling have one thing in common: they'll help you spend less time toiling away in the kitchen and give you more time to do the thing we enjoy most: eating." 

Whelan added: "James and Paul are such brilliant authors to work with and it has been an amazing project to develop – bringing a cookbook to life that directly caters for their devoted fanbase and the way people want to cook."

The duo's debut Twochubbycubs The Cookbook: 100 Tried and Tested Slimming Recipes was published by Yellow Kite in January this year and debuted at number three in The Bookseller's official UK top 50 chart.