Mindful Origami to Yellow Kite

Mindful Origami to Yellow Kite

Yellow Kite is ushering in "a new trend to rival crafty calmness nationwide" for those "tired of colouring in" with The Book of Mindful Origami.

The book, for which Yellow Kite bought world rights direct from the author, is by UK-based Origami expert Samuel Tsang. It will be published on 7th April 2016, priced £9.99.

Yellow Kite likened Origami to colouring-in for its "sustained focus of the mind on one task" that it says "has been shown to reduce stress, aid relaxation, concentration, hand-eye coordination and memory".

The Book of Mindful Origami has 16 "inspirational" models - with 12 pull-out crease patterns for aiding beginners - to allow readers "fold [their] way to a quiet mind, soothe stress and find a moment of calm".

Each model has a "meditation" to accompany it, providing "a focus for thought".

Tsang runs public Origami workshops, and has worked with over 100 companies including, say Yellow Kite, "some of the world's top internet and luxury good brands".

He said: "Origami is a peaceful hobby, a beautiful art, a craft, a science and a meditation all in one. When you are folding paper there is a stillness, a calm and an inner peace. When I create a new model there is an immense satisfaction and happiness that something new has been born. I am proud to be able to share my love of origami in this beautiful book, and hopefully also inCREASE mindFOLDness!"

Liz Gough, Yellow Kite publisher, said: "This has to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying books I’ve worked on in a while and I’m very proud to have it on the Yellow Kite list. The Book of Mindful Origami invites us not just to fold paper, but to meditate on our place in the universe. Sam inspires us to be in the moment, to reflect, to cherish all that we have and to gently incorporate origami as part of a balanced and fulfilled life. His love of origami shines from every page and it is perfect for anyone keen to discover the next mindful pursuit after they have tired of colouring in. We are getting a great response from the trade for this wonderful book."