Yellow Kite acquires junior doc's 'total-body plan'

Yellow Kite acquires junior doc's 'total-body plan'

Yellow Kite has acquired a junior doctor's debut The Food Medic: A Total-Body Plan for All-round Health and Happiness.

World rights to Dr Hazel Wallace's debut were snapped up as part of a two-book deal with Jonny McWilliams at Crown Media Management via Carly Cook, to publish in May 2017.

The Food Medic: A Total-Body Plan for all-round Health and Happiness is focused on "health, confidence, happiness and feeling great", positioned as a "clear" and "evidence-based" guide to diet and nutrition, full of tips, meal plans and recipes. It additionally provides condition-focused advice on eating for overall health, broken down into four key areas - the heart, the brain, the gut and skin - as accompanied by recipes, "inspirational" photo and a fitness programme. It also incorporates the author's own story, whose relationship with food was changed following a bereavement in her teens.

Dr Wallace graduated in 2012 with a first-class degree in Medical Sciences and is due to gain a graduate degree in medicine in 2016. She now works as a junior doctor in London and is a qualified personal trainer. She tries to bridge the gap between mainstream medicine and nutrition on her blog and on social media, writing as "The Food Medic", for which she has amassed 87,000 followers on Instagram.

Liz Gough, publisher at Yellow Kite, said: "Hazel’s blend of expertise, nutritional knowledge and fitness know-how, combined with her passion for healthy eating and feeling good about yourself makes her book the perfect fit for Yellow Kite. She is offering real-life foodie solutions to health issues, with the empowering message that wellness starts on your plate. The Food Medic is about mind, body and soul in one aspirational package, and we are delighted to welcome Hazel to the list."